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How could a game with numbers and boxes be so amazingly difficult? Play free Mine-Finder online and find out.

The goal of Mine-Finder is to find where all the mines (bombs) are within a specific field of squares. To help you, the game shows a number in a square which tells you how many mines there are adjacent to that square. Your task is to work out where the mines are without detonating any of them. So you're probably asking yourself, how could this possibly be difficult? Play free Mine-Finder online and discover the creative challenge that is Mine-Finder.

Game Rules

To play Mine-Finder, avoid online bombs by clicking on free (numbered) spaces. Bomb locations are indicated by the numbers that surround them. For example a '2' means that there are two online bombs in any of the eight squares that surround the '2'. If you suspect an online bomb, click on the flag under your avatar and drag it to the location, if an online bomb is there the flag will appear, if NOT a number will be revealed.

The first player to lose all their lives by clicking on online bombs loses our Mine-Finder game. If both users are still alive at the end of the round, the user with the highest score wins.

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