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Alu's Revenge
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Alu's Revenge Alu's Revenge Alu's Revenge

Alu's Revenge - Falling Stones, Ancient Ruins, Loads of Fun

Alu's Revenge serves up solid gameplay, where stacked stones continue to fall as you use your quick wits and speedy strategy to open the tomb and reveal the jewels inside similar to the popular game Collapse online.

When you play this Collapse genre online game, you'll be tasked with unlocking the secrets of this ancient tomb in a fun and challenging puzzle game that's sure to please. Simple matching won't get you through this enchanted tomb but speedy strategy will. Play Alu's Revenge online -similar to Collapse online- and journey to this ancient relic to face the falling stone guards head on.

Try our free Alu's Revenge and begin your adventure today!

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